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Quick & Easy Clutch

23 May

So, my mom bought me a sewing machine a while back and I must say, it makes those rainy days go by quicker! I’m not at all as talented as mom on one, but I always like easy anyway. I found a random placemat chilling in a box one day. Problem was there was only one. I examined it, black textured material, with a black lining in the back. Pretty heavy duty for a placemat. Then I had the idea of a clutch, and started folding it to see how it would look. “Super cute,” popped into my head. And with a few straight threads from the sewing machine and a little satin rosette flower accent, voila. Adorable. And ever since then, I’ve been on the lookout for heavy duty placemats whenever I go where they are sold. Already lined placemat = lined clutch interiorly. Awesome.


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