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“Oh, I thought you were a waiter”

7 Jan

Yesterday was a big day, boys and girls! Downton Abbey finally returned to the US, and the Rosario household. You’d think that I would be the one double and triple checking the DVR…you’d think right? Only I wasn’t – my dear husband is just as obsessed with this period drama as I am. This was a huge surprise for me when I bought the first season on DVD. I finagled him into watching the first episode with me and he was hooked. We watched both seasons within a week.

So needless to say, it’s been a long wait. And there were some stellar moments in last night’s season premiere. See below for my favorites:

1. Matthew and Mary finally tie the knot! Although, in true M and M style, not without some drama thrown in. After getting into a row the night before the wedding (thanks to Lord Crawley for losing the lion’s share of Downton’s money and Matthew’s refusal to use his maybe inheritance from his dead fiance’s dad), Tom (Sybil’s commoner husband) and Anna manage to talk some sense into the couple. Matthew goes to see Mary, except it’s the night before the wedding! It’s bad luck to see each other. So they reconcile through the door and kiss with their eyes closed (Mary peeks – bad Mary). Very sweet moment.


2. Tom is pretty much hated by most of the Crawley family. I mean, how dare he think to fall in love with Lady Sybil! He’s just the chaffeur! But alas, they’ve wed and now live in Dublin – a much simpler life. They’re back in Downton for M and M’s wedding and Tom is making an ass out of himself at dinner. Come to find out (thank’s to Lord Anthony’s keen eye), he’s been drugged by one of the uppity guests at dinner. Poor Tom. Can’t catch a break. But, Matthew to the rescue! He asks Tom to be his best man and says something along the lines of “We’re brothers-in-law with high minded wives – we’ve got to stick together!”. How true Matthew. How true.


3. Can I please just take a moment to say that Michelle Dockery has the best wardrobe on television? I love each and every one of her dresses. I even loved her wedding dress, though I’m sure many didn’t.


4. Let’s be honest – I loved the addition of Martha Levinson/Shirley MacLaine (Cora’s mother), but Lady Violet always steals the show for me.


A few of her best moments from last night:

Lady Violet: Are you really that tall?
Alfred: Yes my lady.
Lady Violet: I thought you might be walking on stilts.

Lady Violet: No guest should be admitted without the date of the departure settled.
(in reference to Martha overstaying her welcome)

And my favorite on the night – thanks to the antics downstairs, Lord Crawley is wearing black tie attire to the dinner party his family is throwing. How terribly low class! Lady Violet glances over at him and asks for a drink, seems to do a double take, and says “I’m so sorry. I thought you were a waiter.” Love her!

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