Don’t WINE if I Do!

3 Dec

Christmas is right around the corner.  I don’t know about y’all, but December is always a busy month.  Office parties, friendly dinner parties – anything and everything to get together to celebrate the holiday and share it with friends and family.  I never go empty handed to a gathering, and being a bit of a wino I am going to share my favorite wine-related items.  You can’t go wrong with a wine type of gift for a host!  Let’s start, shall we?

1.  Meet the woozie.  Self explanatory, it’s a koozie for your wine.  Perfect for a southern hostess!  And you can get them with all kinds of cute designs.  They range from $6.49 – $7.49 here:

The Woozie

The Woozie

2. My mom actually got this next one for me when she went to a winery in the Outer Banks with some friends.  I love the idea.  Take an empty wine bottle, fill with lamp oil, place wick in, and light.  Simple.  Beautiful.  On sale for $7.99 here:

After Glow

3.  This wine bottle sleeve was a cute gift as well.  I’m Asian so it was a no brainer when my friend saw this one along with a zillion others.  Adorable.  You can find these anywhere.  World Market has a good selection.

Wine Sleeve

4. My uncle gave me this guy.  AWESOME.  Especially with my new found love for a cold glass of Pinot Grigio.  The Corkcicle.  Freeze, insert into wine bottle.  Adios, ice bucket.  Won’t water down your wine!  Estimated price is around $20.

Corkcicle5. Wine themed measuring spoons!  LOVE!  Here is a similar set for $14:>Dining_Entertaining>Giftware>Metal-_-0400659353005

Measuring Spoons

6. One of my good friends brought this to me last Christmas paired with our favorite bottle of wine.  “A wine glass?” you say, but no ordinary wine glass.  This baby holds an entire bottle of wine.  Love the idea, but I’m okay with filling up my glass as need be.  So I found this idea on Pinterest.  Fill with coffee beans, insert a vanilla scented candle, and light.  Your house will smell awesome.


7.  Cocktail napkins.  I have received a wide variety and love them all!  Pier One has a good stash.

Cocktail Napkins

8. Can’t go wrong with wine accessories in a nice wooden box.  Elegant and has everything you need to open that bottle with ease.  Here is a similar one for $42.92:

Wine SetDSC00233

9.  What’s a night of wine without some tasty treats?  Cheese is on the menu usually, but cheese spreads?  Yum!  There are so many different kinds, but I had these on hand, so I’m sharing with.  DELISH!




10.  And last but not least, my absolute favorite.  The Chillball.  This little set comes with 6 chillballs and 2 different dipping sizes according to what kind of wine glass you are using.  Simply freeze the whole box, assemble your chillball, hang off the inside of your glass, and enjoy a cold glass of wine for as long as you are sipping.  I love these, and they are a unique gift.  $21.00 here:

Chill Balls


Chill Balls



So these are some of my favorite items I have lying around the kitchen.  They are sure to please as a Christmas or hostess gift.  Pair with your favorite bottle and let the smiles commence.  Enjoy!


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