Reilly’s Recovery Part Deux

28 Nov

So it’s been two weeks since Reilly had his surgery…I’m slowly adjusting to having a third child (this one of the wiener dog variety). If I ever dreamed of having another child, this experience has cemented in my mind that I’m good with two. (Sorry for all those who were hoping for another ridiculously cute Chinarican baby…it ain’t in the cards.)

Onto Reilly – like I said in the last post, he has to stay crated for at least four weeks. This hasn’t been too terribly bad yet. He whines a little bit, and generally spends his days looking morose (but is that really a new development?). I’m thinking that as he becomes more mobile, this will suck a bit more for him. I have to take him out multiple times a day and physically hold his back legs while he goes to the bathroom. This is super fun. We also “sling walk” him so that he can sniff around the yard a bit.

Is he walking yet? Negative. Although I did have a minor heart attack when, two days after his surgery, he managed to drag himself out of his crate and into my living room using only his front legs. Needless to say, I make sure his crate is locked up tight these days.

We made our way back to the vet today to have his sutures removed. The surgeon came in to check his progress – this consisted of him picking Reilly up and placing him on the floor across from me, holding his tail, and telling him to walk to me. He tried…the poor thing. Began trundling over to me on his front legs, dragging his back ones behind him. Towards the end, he managed to bicycle his back legs a bit…a good sign. The surgeon thinks he’ll be walking (stumbling?) within the week. Good news all around.

In the meantime, we have a new type of PT to try. Ha. Apparently water therapy is good – so I’m to fill a tub with water, place Reilly in it, and let him try to walk around. This should be interesting – we are talking about the dog who won’t go outside in the rain. Whatever…we’ll try it.  The things we do for our pets…


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