Is that a Poncho?

13 Nov

So the last two weeks of the Walking Dead…wowza (Did I just say that?). Last week we lost our beloved T-Dogg (one or two G’s?…questions), who was promptly replaced by another token black man (my husband’s words, not mine). We also lost Lori (or did we?). And Carol is running around the prison all by her lonesome, presumed dead by her pals. Carl rekilled his mama, so she wouldn’t turn into a zombie. And we have a new baby to add to the mix (who has nothing to eat). Rick went off the deep end. And all of that’s just at the prison…we still have the Guv’na to deal with.

This week brought us back to the prison and Woodbury. Andrea is crushing on the Guv’na (yes, I’ll be saying it like that from now on) who is keeping his zombiefied daughter in a room somewhere. Gross. See gross zombie daughter below.

Governor and Daughter Penny on The Walking Dead

Anyway, Michonne is like, what?! He cray cray. And she wants to leave. So she steals her katana back and chops some imprisoned walkers into bits, in an effort to get herself kicked out of utopia. Kinda sorta works – she does end up leaving, of our own accord though. Pretty sure she’s gonna end up being chased down by Merle and his cronies. Pretty sure she’ll chop them to bits too. Andrea is too taken with her new life in Woodbury to leave with Michonne. Honestly, I can’t blame her – food, water, people. All good things. But what doesn’t she know? She’s about to get an eyefull of some zombie MMA! Woo hoo! She was not amused.

Back at the prison, Daryl and Maggie take off looking for baby supplies – hey, kid’s gotta eat. Glenn has the fun task of digging graves for his fallen friends and also tracking down Rick (who’s taken off into the prison with an axe). Needless to say, Rick is having a meltdown. He’s hacking walkers to bits. Daryl and Maggie find some formula to feed the baby, who Daryl has christened Lil’ Asskicker. Awesome. The episode ends with Rick finding and killing the zombie who ate Lori’s body and a phone ringing. Who could be calling? I think it’s whoever Daryl stole his poncho from…


Loose Ends:

1. I don’t think Carol is dead…I’m actually questioning Lori’s death as well. We never see Carl shoot her. Never saw her dead body. I think Carol came across her, used her newly acquired surgical skills to somehow fix her up, and they’re hiding in the prison somewhere. I hope so – I really like Carol.

Carol on The Walking Dead

2. Will Andrea come to her senses and take off after Michonne? I’m betting no, as she hasn’t shown much of a brain in the past two seasons. Why start now Andrea? Consistency is key.

The Governor, Michonne and Andrea on The Walking Dead

3. Can Daryl please never die? Seeing him with Lil’ Asskicker was one of the best parts of this episode. Speaking of Lil’ Asskicker, I’m glad they found formula and all, but diapers? Blankets? Clothes? Bouncy seat? As a mother, I found myself pondering what a pain it’d be to have a baby with nothing readily available. I’m sure they’ll find a way to manage.

4. Anyone want to take bets on when Carl will do something stupid? It’s been entirely too long.


One Response to “Is that a Poncho?”

  1. Single Malt Serials November 13, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    I hope Carol is still alive too! Also, Darryl is the man, no questions asked. (Plus I’m a big Norman Reedus fan anyway). Thanks for the great post!

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