My Take on the Zombie Apocolypse

29 Oct

If you’ve spoken to me within the past 2 weeks, you’d know that I recently started watching The Walking Dead. In fact, I watched all of seasons 1 and 2, and caught up on season 3, all within the span of a week. (My husband thinks I’m crazy. Granted, I have been pretending to axe him in the head at least once per day. Most of the time he deserves it.) Safe to say, this is my new favorite show. I mean, come on. Zombies. The guy with the signs from Love Actually. A love triangle. A really annoying kid who should probably be better supervised (more on that later). A redneck with a crossbow. All set in my home state of Georgia? I’m in.

Anyway, a few burning questions:

1. What happened to Morgan and Duane? Weren’t they supposed to meet up with Rick in the ATL? The last we saw of them, Morgan was trying to man up and off his zombie-fied wife.

2. Who is this Governor fellow?

Why did he kill a bunch of military men? Why is he friendly with Merle? And why does he have a bunch of zombie heads in fishtanks? All burning questions.

3. Will Lori finally kick the bucket when she gives birth to her maybe zombie baby? One can only hope.

4. Can we please get more of a back story on this lady? Because of her, I’ve selected the katana as my zombie apocolypse weapon.

And a few observations:

1. Daryl. I love you. Being from the South, the “redneck” breed isn’t highly revered. We tend to chuckle at their choice of clothing, their accents (yes there are many different southern accents), their foods (have you seen Swamp People?!?). Sometimes we even take pictures of them at Walmart and post them online. However, having watched approximately 20 episodes of The Walking Dead within 7 days time, I’ve decided that should the apocolypse come, I’m finding myself a nice redneck boy (preferably one with a crossbow) to watch my back.

2. Is Lori the worst mother in the world or what? She’s always going on and on about how she must keep little Carl safe. But she loses him on a pretty consistent basis. Oh where’s Carl? He’s in the woods throwing rocks at a walker. Oh where’s Carl? He’s in the barn chatting with a prisoner. Oh where’s Carl? He’s running around the prison BY HIMSELF looking for supplies. REALLY? How hard can it be to keep up with a 10ish year old boy? Ok let me rephrase that. How hard can it be to keep up with a 10ish year old boy during an apocolypse where he should be chained to your side? DEFAX is calling lady.

3. On that note, is Carl the worst little boy in the world or what? Always taking off…have some respect for your elders kid and quit trying to get yourself eaten. Let’s just pretend my sisters and I had grown up in a similar situation (zombies, etc). If we had taken off by ourselves for any reason, you can bet your pretty little hiney that Papa Jue would’ve rained fire down on our butts. Fire I say.

4. I heart Glenn and Maggie. The end.


One Response to “My Take on the Zombie Apocolypse”

  1. Shannon November 4, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Best show ever. And I, too, love you, Daryl. Your crossbow rocks my world.

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