Halloween 2012

6 Oct

I used to get really into Halloween. In fact, I can recall getting dressed up with one of my friends in 8th grade and going from door to door trick-or-treating. We looked ridiculous…I’m pretty sure the people answering their doors took one look at us and decided we had to be drunk. (Granted, we were wearing togas made from bed sheets.) The last few years haven’t been quite as exciting – it seems like once you hit college, it becomes a contest to see who can wear the fewest clothes. Not. my. gig.

So, now I have two kids. My oldest (A) is three this year. And my youngest (J) will be 6 months. And I have to say I’m pretty excited to celebrate Halloween this time around. A has hit the age where she wants to pick out her own costume. If you’ve ever met my child, you can probably guess what’s involved. Princess. Wand. Sparkles. Pink. Yes, she’s dressing up as a princess. I’m pretty sure she’ll be dressing up as a princess until she hits 8th grade. I’m not sure where she came from.


(This is not my daughter by the way.)

J, however, is still in that blissful state where he does not have to make his own decisions. So this means, I get to dress him up as whatever the hell I want. I’ve had many glorious ideas over the past few months…I finally narrowed it down to two options.

Option 1:


Now what in God’s name is that? If you’re a crazy Harry Potter fan like I am, you’ll recognize the creature above as a mandrake. Now, when I first thought up this idea it seemed brilliant. Put J in a pot. Cover him up with a brown blanket. Put some sort of plant headdress on him. Let him cry. Perfect. Then when I started looking up pictures of the mandrake I realized that 1) they are not nearly as cute as a I remember and 2) they have no clothes on. J would freeze. Option 1 nixed.

So on to option 2. Again, if you have ever known me and been my friend during the fall season, you know that I have a sweet tooth…and one fall candy cannot be topped. The CANDY CORN. And so, J’s costume was born.


Thanks to Granny Jue for making both kids’ costumes this year. I’m sure A will be living in hers. J, not so much. But I will forever have photos to document the year he dressed up as my favorite candy.


One Response to “Halloween 2012”

  1. katharine phipps October 8, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    J is going to be one delicious looking baby!! 🙂

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