First Timers!

18 Dec

Hello bloggers!  So, I just want to introduce who you will be addicted to following on here.  The first blog must be of one when the family’s all together… right?  A weekend full of food, family, and shopping occurred over Thanksgiving weekend.  Amidst all the grub, the girls took a break to go shopping at Silver Sands in Destin, Florida.  As you all know, post Thanksgiving shopping is INSANE, so we took a break and headed in for a cold drink.  As we strolled into San Gelato Cafe, our eyes ventured away from the menu of drinks and landed on the many choices of gelato and sorbet.

I for one, am a huge Late Night with Jimmy Fallon fan, so of course I tried his Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack when it came out.  The idea of a sweet and salty ice cream intrigued me – vanilla bean ice cream, salty caramel swirls, and chocolate covered potato chip clusters.  The verdict?  I am now in LOVE with salted caramel.  AH-mazing.  As for the “chocolate covered potato chip” part, definitely not what I was expecting.  It was like little bits of nestle crunch in tiny clusters.  Gross in ice cream.  So of course, I got the salted caramel gelato.  MMmMmmMMMmmmmMmmm!!  It was a great midday treat.  Meet the family.  We are all foodies.

Kimberly (the middle sister) & myself (the baby)

Shannon (the eldest) & ma (aren’t we a spitting image?)


   Welcome to thedreamysweet!  We promise not to put you asleep!

(Having just read that, it was not intended to rhyme.  Peace out.)


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